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Class 7

Vedantu Premium Small Class is one of a kind learning program. Our personalized & interactive classrooms, Instant doubt-solving and real-time assessments, not only make lessons more engaging but also more understandable for kids. A sneak peek into how our Premium Small Classes ensures a fun learning experience for the middle school champs.

Learn in Small Groups

We ensure individual attention & better student-teacher interactions by conducting LIVE online classes in small groups of 12-15 students only.

Two Way Interactive Lessons

Our passionate teachers make real-time learning fun, engaging and interactive using 2 way audio-video and whiteboarding tools.

Real-time Assessment

With superior learning technology, our quizzes are designed to enhance problem-solving skills in students and making learning gamified.

As part of Premium Small class, a student will get access to the following:

Study with a small group, ensuring personalised attention and high interaction making learning fun.
Unlimited access to doubt app where a student can ask doubt by clicking a photo of the question from the book.
Get unlimited access to Micro courses, which can help in strengthening concepts.
Specially designed tests and assignments to evaluate the concepts learnt.
Periodic personalised update to parents about the child’s performance and activity in class.

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