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The Top Graphic Design Trends for 2021

The Top Graphic Design Trends for 2021

In the digital internet clutter, when the consumers and the online users are continuously bombarded with the information, it isn't easy to catch their attention. The only possible way to create appealing and eye-catching content that speaks to your viewer is through illustrations and graphics. In this regard, graphic design plays a crucial role.

Are you looking for the top graphic design trends for the year 2021? Here are some of the all-time favorite graphic designs that are not going away sooner. They have entered into the year 2021 to bring you effective results. Graphic designing is excellent for your brand's image and will help you establish a unique digital market identity. The colors, textures, designs, and symbolic representations of the ideas bring the customers closer to your brand and remember you for a long time. 

Graphic Design 1: Typographic 

This graphic design has always been the people's favorite. It affects the audience's mind so that they remember every word you wrote out to them if designed beautifully with typography graphic design. When it comes to typography, it includes the calligraphy, bold and straightforward characters, simple background, and uncluttered illustrations that go well with it.  

Graphic Design 2: Abstract 

Abstract graphic designs can be found in any geometrical shape, size, form, or color. As the world is going towards a new technological shift, the ideas are becoming vague and unclear. People bring their meanings to interpret the views and the thoughts. This design introduces the graphic design of abstract arts that helps people decode their meanings the way they see the world. Abstract designs can interestingly recreate the visual representation of the real world.

Graphic Design 3: Modern

You must have noticed the graphic designs that represent the actual picture of the world, letting us peek into the people's behaviors, showing the interactive and engaging activities in colors? Such designs use both communicative aspects of visual arts and psychology then. These are the designs of modern times. According to the book marketing agencies, having the disproportionate shapes and sizes of the human characters and creatively delivering the message is how these modern designs work. Now the question is that what type of graphic design and illustrations it can fall under? Modern design can be applied in any format, from 2D vectors and illustrations to 3D design and movies. Likewise, these designs can be done for the newspaper, tabloid, magazines, books, tv commercials, mobile applications, website designs, and everything else that involves digital media.  

Graphic Design 4: Symbolic

Symbolism has always been part of humans' stories, literature, and visual arts. Symbolic art is represents something big and meaningful through the depiction of a small and everyday item. This type of art always gives a fresh perspective to approach the topic or the art item. For example, Sylvia Dali, the surrealist artist, used the melting clock in one of his most famous paintings that represented the time's running. Although the time he was painting is termed as Surrealism in the Art history and his artwork stand out the time's test. Look around you and notice the symbolism in the graphic designs, the opening of the coke bottle is the opening of Happiness, the Nestle is the sign of life, and much more. All these advertisements and art pieces use symbolism to make their pieces of work memorable and unique. 

Graphic Design 5: Futuristic 

One of the most exciting aspects of graphic designs of the 2021 trend is futuristic art. These graphic designs are highly interactive and set in the tone of the future that there is a whole interface of it that gives futuristic vibes. Whether the illustration depicts the buildings, the designs, colors, characters, motion graphics, or environment, everything is set in the future place. This trend has been widely adopted by the emerging graphic designers of the Millennials and Generation Z. Humans have always been intrigued by the future. It keeps them thinking about what life would be like in the future. These designs satisfy the desire of the minds. They are highly imaginative pieces of art that make the viewer contemplate for a while. Be it the 2D or 3D illustrations. People prefer to go for these designs as they represent the ideology of their product or services. Similarly, IT and other technology-driven industries are heavy consumers of this type of design. 

Graphic Design 6: Personality characters

Who doesn't love animals, the comic feeling, and pop art? These personality character illustrations show the joyful and playful side of the graphic designs. They are deeply embedded in the adventure and colors that catch the viewer's eyes and mesmerizes them for a moment. These are brilliant and witty because of their color and deep messages embedded in these pieces of art. Another thing about these visually appealing graphic designs is that they give off the feelings of energetic punch, youthfulness, excitement, and the good that shows the world of opportunities to the viewers. Instantly, they are drive to take action as there is the touch of the superheroes in it. Most of the time, these designs are used by gamers, YouTubers, and social media influencers to meet their visitors' eyes. 

Graphic Design 7: Nature-Driven 

The visual graphic designs of 2021 are inclined towards simplicity and elegance. Suppose you see the modern or the futuristic designs or illustrations of the abstract design of 2021. In that case, you will see the commonality between these designs, i.e., they are focused on showing you the basic and straightforward thing with minimalistic arts. The simpler they are approaching the design, the lighter and relaxed they are making their viewers feel. The internet is cluttered with brand messages and heavy boxes of texts. The viewers admire the designs that bring them peace and give them the joy of life again. In this regard, nature-driven designs have gained popularity, and people find these designs close to their hearts. They communicate the message with the colors and authentic designs of nature, bringing in the clarity of thought, freshness, and the ideas' uniqueness. 

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