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The Best of Pops

The Best of Pops

The Best of Pops

indie-pop band will spend the summer on a North American tour, starting in Wisconsin and ending with New York. They are scheduled to play at least 27 shows total.

In 2022, the indie-pop group is set for an extensive North America tour that begins June 27th in Madison WI. The plan includes more than 30 cities across Canada and the US – from Chicago IL all the way up to Boston MA by October 20th.

Along with new tour dates, The Beths have also announced that their debut EP, 2016’s Warm Blood will be coming to vinyl for the first time on Apr. 26th.
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The Beths Tour 2022

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Future Me Hates Me is a tightly produced guitar-pop collection stuffed with immediate melodies and dripping wit. Lead singer Elizabeth Stokes has been touring the world, including east coast dates this winter. The album received praise on release last year; as of late it’s picked up a glut of new listeners too.

“I’m really tired, but it’s been worth all the craziness of being away from home and meeting new people. We were in South America too where we played a show at this festival called Lollapalooza Chile! I was kind of nervous because our drummer had just broken his wrist before that tour started so he could only play on one side for most songs – especially since drums are such an integral part of any song.”

“We flew from Auckland, where it is summertime now,” she says with a laugh. “And then driving back up north after playing SXSW down south you get caught up in what can be described as straight out a snowstorm, but someone who lives there would probably just say ‘It.

The band had a brief period of downtime following their stint at SXSW earlier this month, but before they head to the U.K., Stokes is hoping to start working on the group’s next collection of songs and she understands that as an opportunity for experimentation. “I’m not home yet,” says Stokes, “but when I get home we’ll be getting in a room and working out arrangements for these new songs.”

Beth Ditto says that their cover of “Soul Meets Body” was a total pleasure after the Beths opened for Death Cab during their European tour this year.

“I’ve been a huge fan of the Strokes since I first heard their music and had to go see them live. There was always this fear that they would be really arrogant or an asshole, but when we met it turned out everyone in the band is just so nice! It felt like old friends catching up with each other on tour because all these guys know how hard touring can get at times.”

Along with new tour dates, The Beths have also announced that their debut EP, 2016’s Warm Blood will be coming to vinyl for the first time on Apr. 26th.

The Beths North American tour Dates 2022
The Beths have announced their North American tour dates for 2022. The New Zealand indie pop-rock band, formed in 2013, is known for its catchy hooks and energetic live performances that have been captivating audiences since they first debuted on the scene. Their tours are always a blast with excellent music and an amazing time to be had by all! If you’re not able to catch them at one of their tour stops then don’t worry because we’ll fill you in about everything happening on the road.

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