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Here’s How England Showed Its ‘Respect’ For Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Decision

Here’s How England Showed Its ‘Respect’ For Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Decision

Here’s How England Showed Its ‘Respect’ For Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Decision

Today we are urging conservatives and patriots to be systematic in their approach to world events. America First is a consistent set of principles that doesn’t flicker like a solar–powered light during an eclipse.

Case in point. RedState has a story with the headline: “UK Parliament Holds Joe Biden in Contempt and the Details Are Disturbing.”

After “several impassioned denunciations on the floor” Parliament passed the contempt measure.

We aren’t sure there will be any consequences as a result of this vote.

Biden doesn’t get out much, so a travel ban is pointless. His ice cream is domestic, too.

Maybe a travel ban on Hunter might have a positive effect, if for no other reason than the social diseases he may be carrying, but that hardly has an impact on Joe.

What concerns us is the impact the vote appears to be having on the right side of the political spectrum, or as RedState sarcastically added, “How does it feel to be respected on the world stage again?”

It doesn’t matter what the UK Parliament thinks. Under America First, what matters is how a policy or action affects the interests of the United States.

Not the reaction of the rest of the world.

If conservatives and patriots were unconcerned about European and/or global whining during the Trump administration, we should be unconcerned about it during the Biden administration.

Consistency counts.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t an important lesson to be learned from Parliament’s action, because there is.

That lesson is so–called leaders should be held to account when their policy fails catastrophically and it shouldn’t be by a governing body located 3,662 miles away.

The accounting should begin 2.6 miles away in the US House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, a genuine bipartisan impeachment effort is impossible because there are three unmistakable counts before us.

There is no way the left will condemn Biden for opening the border to millions of illegals, just as there is no way the left will condemn Biden for defying the Supreme Court’s ruling on the eviction prohibition.

That’s because the left supports both those lawless, unconstitutional affronts to the rule of law.

The only realistic hope would be for a congressional inquiry into the Kabul Katastrophe, and the chances for that are slim and none.

Congress is so poisoned by partisanship that uniting across the aisle to investigate an obvious blow to our national prestige and a potential contributor to future disasters is impossible.

As RedState concluded, “The United States is in a precarious position, disdained by our allies and unable to strike fear into our adversaries.”

And there is no prospect for any change in the near future.

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, is a Newsmax TV analyst. A syndicated columnist and author, he chairs The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Michael is an in-demand speaker with Premiere speaker's bureau. Read Michael Reagan's Reports — More Here.

Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher for the League of American Voters, and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with nationwide and international experience. He is author of "Conservative Christian's Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with added humor!)" Read Michael Shannon's Reports — More Here.

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