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City Venue Average Ticket Price

City Venue Average Ticket Price

City Venue Average Ticket Price

The date of the El Alfa’s World Tour finale is Nov. 21st, 2021 at The Chelsea inside Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino! Tickets will be available starting January 12th on Live Nation.

The Seattle-based pioneering Indie Rock group, The Death Cab for Cutie will be performing in your area next month! Tickets start at $59.50 and go on sale to the public Friday, Aug. 13 at 10 a.m., so don’t wait any longer because they’re sure to sell out fast.The date of the El Alfa's World Tour finale is Nov. 21st, 2021 at The Chelsea inside Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino! Tickets will be available starting January 12th on Live Nation.Click to Tweet

“El Alfa” has been making waves in the Dominican music scene since 2012. In his short time as a rap artist, he’s already had major chart-topping hits and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube for his videos.

Having been raised in the Dominican Republic, Farruko came to New York City at age 16 and found himself performing on Spanish-language radio with no legal status. With each performance, his fan base grew more enthusiastic about him being an artist who doesn’t shy away from challenges but sees them as opportunities for growth. He has sold out Madison Square Garden revues and collaborated with artists ranging from Cardi B to Bryant Myers while still retaining his trademark rapid-fire rhymes that fans regard as just as infectious as any of his beats.

El Alfa is a Latin artist who can’t seem to stop releasing successful albums. His 2018 sophomore album, “El Hombre” hit number six on the Top Latin Albums chart, and two years later he returned with a massive double-LP titled “El Androide” that soared towards upper echelons of charts once again.

El Alfa U.S. tour dates

El Alfa is one of the most influential bands in Latin America, with millions of followers. The group has toured internationally and released 13 albums to date. In September, El Alfa will be performing a series of concerts in various cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Miami.

How much are El Alfa U.S tour Tickets?

The prices of El Alfas tickets vary widely depending on the venue. For example, a concert at an outdoor amphitheater will likely cost less than one held at a much smaller, older theatre. 

The average price for all sold-out shows is around $60. Closer to the time of sale, it is best to check their website for updated ticket prices and availability.

El Alfa Ticket Prices

City Venue Average Ticket Price
New York Prudential Center $144
Los Angeles The Forum $75

How to get El Alfa tour T-shirts?

El Alfa Tours is only available for purchase from Amazon. They do not carry anything in their store because they want their product to be as fresh and authentic as possible, without any outside influence or alteration. They are, after all, an archival tour company that’s set on preserving the originality of past eras. You can order El Alfa tours directly from Amazon and expect to have them delivered by the end of the day (sometime between 12-4 PM). It’s quite easy; you just need to click “Add To Cart” on this page and follow the instructions on how to get your delivery. Simple enough.

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El Alfa Net Worth: How Rich is the Dominican Artist Actually?

El Alfa is worth an estimated $500 thousand USD. That puts him in the top 100 of rich celebrities by Dominican standards. While his country has a GDP per capita of just about $3,867, El Alfa’s net worth tops most other Americans though not by much. He would be the 67th richest person in America out of 324 million people and their collective wealth of trillions (yes, that should read billions). His wealth is only a fraction (.0025%) of America’s shared total “national wealth” ($83 trillion).

Full Name Emmanuel Herrera Batista
Birth Place Domingo, Dominican Republic
Profession Recording artist
Wife Alba Rose
Net Worth $500 thousand

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